Tap and Bang Song Collection

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A collection of three tapping and banging songs, teaching videos and notes to extend children’s rhythmic awareness, sequencing and pattern skills.

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A selection of our favourite tapping and banging songs to further extend the children’s rhythmic awareness, sequencing and pattern skills. The package includes links to the EYFS for each song, describing the developmental impact of the each of the activities you can introduce. These activities are also proven by neuroscience studies to develop the parts of the brain that will support strong foundations for literacy and maths learning.

The song collection encourages the use of rhythm sticks and drums and includes a handy guide on how to make these yourself.

As with all Boogie Mites songs the melody and backing tracks of all 3 songs are fun and funky, ensuring that the adults have as much fun as the children!

The downloadable pack contains:

  • Downloadable MP3’s of three songs
  • Videos of all three songs in action
  • Song notes including suggestions for linked activities, props, teaching tips and extension activities and links to the EYFS areas of learning

Songs included in this collection:

  1. Gonna Tap
  2. Let’s Tap A Word
  3. Tap Tap Tap