Routines Song Collection

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Five songs make up this inspiring resource for all Early Years Settings. Played in the background to accompany daily routines and provide a calming influence or motivational effect.

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Your average toddler’s day is full of routines – washing hands, eating meals, brushing teeth. And these routines are vital for creating a stable and predictable structure for a child’s life. So it’s important for children to have their daily routine, but sometimes those routines are difficult to establish, especially when children are in a new and unfamiliar surrounding…and this is where music comes in.

That’s why Boogie Mites has come up with five funky songs to change those daily routines from a battle into a boogie. We have chosen songs to help you with some of the things you will be asking children to do everyday, like tidying up, getting washing, putting on coats etc.

The downloadable pack contains:

  • Downloadable MP3’s of five songs

Songs included in this collection:

  1. Goodbye Hasta Luego
  2. Wash Your Hands
  3. Brush Bus
  4. Button Up
  5. Snack Attack