Healthy Living Practitioner Pack (Physical)

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Supporting the Healthy Living message through music and linked activities.

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The Boogie Mites Healthy Living Music and Movement Programme is aimed at families with children 2-7yrs and provides a great way to get everyone in more physical activity and to develop healthy habits. This collection of 19 fun and funky songs was created as a part of the UK government’s ‘Change For Life’ strategy to help families achieve a healthier lifestyle. The fun funky songs are easy to learn and will help you involve children and families to develop the healthy habits that they can benefit from for the rest of their lives.

  • Promote healthy eating with fun songs
  • Encourage exercise with music and movement
  • Make brushing teeth fun
  • Introduce vegetable growing activities
  • Explore nature through music
  • Take the hard work out of planning
  • Have fun every day

The pack contains:

  • A CD of 19 songs
  • A training DVD covering the scientific research linking music to child development and videos of each song being delivered in a setting so you can model effective delivery
  • At-a-glance A5 card practitioner notes with guidance for delivery and progression and explanation of how each music activity supports the EYFS

Songs included in this programme:

  1. I Feel Alive
  2. Let’s Go To The Park
  3. Watch It Grow
  4. Why Don’t You Love Me?
  5. Look At The Rainbow
  6. Family
  7. Dan The Can
  8. Happy Smile
  9. Happy Cat
  10. Here Is Me
  11. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
  12. Do Re Mi
  13. A Bear Named Sue
  14. I Was In The Garden
  15. Munch, Munch, Munch
  16. How Do We Know That The Wind Blows?
  17. Woodpecker
  18. Sweet Papaya
  19. Tidy Up Tango