Australia Minis Practitioner Pack (Digital)

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Supporting Development Matters for 1-3 year olds through music and linked activities. Adapted with reference to the Australian Early Years Framework.



The Boogie Mites Minis Programme is designed to allow crawlers to 3 years to develop across the Australian Early Years Framework, through participation in active music making, craft and percussion play.

  • Learn to lead new music activities with confidence
  • Engage children whilst learning, with original and inspiring songs
  • Take the hard work out of planning
  • Discover the power of music to encourage listening and language development
  • Promote Physical Development
  • Increase Confidence and Social Skills
  • Easily incorporate music into everyday learning whilst enjoying a music resource which you will find uplifting, motivating and will be enthused to lead

The downloadable programme consists of:

  • Downloadable MP3s of 25 songs
  • Online access to training videos covering the scientific research linking music to child development and the theory behind this programme, plus videos of each song being delivered in a setting so you can model effective delivery
  • Downloadable practitioner notes with guidance for delivery and progression and explanation of how each music activity supports the Australian Early Years Framework

Songs included in this programme:

  1. Welcome Song
  2. Wave Hello
  3. Here Is Me
  4. Shaker Rock
  5. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
  6. Down In The Jungle
  7. Noah’s Ark
  8. Row, Row, Row
  9. Mulberry Bush
  10. Alley Alley Oh
  11. Little Ducky
  12. I Love My Toes
  13. Peek-a-boo
  14. Choo Choo Choo
  15. Funkin In The Barn
  16. Bangedy Bang Bang
  17. Hickory Dickory Dock
  18. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  19. Grand Old Duke
  20. Do Ray Mi
  21. Just Like Me
  22. Scrunch It
  23. Silver Sea
  24. Tidy Up Tango
  25. Goodbye