Annual Themed Song Collection


This Annual Themed Song collection is aimed at 2-5 year olds and provides 12 themed songs. Each of the 12 themes contain the song, video and teacher notes with links to the EYFS. Scroll down to the description for links to sample songs and videos.

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Purchase the full collection of Annual Themed Songs. All of the songs are linked to either seasonal themes such as Fireworks and Christmas, or other popular topics such as Cycle of Life and Dinosaurs to capture the interest of growing minds. Each song comes with teacher notes, tips for introducing and leading the song, linked craft activities and links to the EYFS.

The monthly themes are:

January – Loud and Soft
February – Dinosaurs
March – The Woods
April – The Wind
May – Cycle of Life
June – Fast and Fun
July – Fairy Tales
August – Australia
September – Slow and Controlled
October – Autumn
November – Fireworks
December – Christmas

The downloadable programme consists of:

  • Downloadable MP3 of each song
  • Online access to a cyber-instructor style videos
  • Downloadable practitioner notes with guidance for delivery and progression and explanation of how the music activity supports the EYFS

Songs included in this programme:

    1. The Snake & The Lion Video Clip
    2. Dyathinkesaurus Sound Clip
    3. Woodpecker Video Clip
    4. How Do We Know That The Wind Blows Video Clip
    5. Munch Munch Munch
    6. It’s a Frog’s Life Sound Clip Video Clip
    7. Seven League Boots Video Clip
    8. Australia Video Clip
    9. Open Shut Video Clip
    10. Autumn Is Here Sound Clip
    11. Bang Fizz Video Clip
    12. Tap Tap Elves Video Clip

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