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Musical Development Matters – a momentous achievement for all.

STOP THE PRESS MOMENTOUS ANNOUNCEMENT. Here at Boogie Mites, we are delighted to see the publication of Musical Development Matters non-statutory Guidance to the EYFS. We welcome the recognition tha...

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The links and benefits of music and maths

  In this weeks blog we will be discussing the links and benefits of music and maths. We have previously highlighted that numeracy skills in the UK have become worse, not better. Could this pe...

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Music – one of the best investments for children?

According to neuroscience studies, exposure to and involvement in regular music making from birth - maybe the best thing you can do to boost your child’s brain development, physical and mental healt...

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Interview with Anita Collins

Interview with Anita Collins Boogie Mites Director, Sue Newman interviews Anita Collins who is a world renowned music education and neuroscience researcher University of Canberra. Introduction to ...

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How Neuroscience is revealing the power of music

  What has science got to do with pre-schoolers moving and singing to their favourite song? Well a lot more than you may think – neuroscience (the study of the brain and nervous system) is hel...

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Win When You’re Singing

When we sing together, we win together, or so football fans would have you believe! Have you ever noticed that when people get together, the joy is tripled when we start signing and dancing? Smiles b...

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