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Want to inspire parent engagement? Use Boogie Mites to boost music making in your setting and encourage it at home – all the while generating funds for your nursery. You can even use your EYPP funding to do it! Check out our referral offer….

Does the home learning environment really matter that much?

“Yes it does. A positive early years home learning environment can provide many benefits, and there is a wealth of literature on the relationship between early home learning activities and enhanced cognitive, social and physical development of children. Home learning has been found to predict higher levels of vocabulary, spelling and emergent literacy in young children.”

Action for Children – What role does the home learning environment play in supporting good child development in the early years and positive outcomes in later life?

How can we best support parental engagement?

In the new Ofsted inspection framework, parental engagement should be judged as successful, only to the degree that it has a clear and positive impact on children’s outcomes.

Ofsted will be looking for highly successful strategies for engaging with parents and carers to benefit children. For example, family learning workshops are regularly organised to help parents and carers to become even more effectively involved in their children’s learning.

Why music?

So, of all the ways to encourage parents getting involved at the setting and at home, why music?

Boogie Mites have a wealth of experience in leading Family Learning workshops at schools and nurseries to engage the ‘hard to reach’ parents.  And it works!

Our fun, upbeat, funky music and home-made props and instruments are proven to engage parents and children alike. You can read the Chichester University Study, which evaluated outcomes of parent engagement courses run across Hampshire for target families.

The study found that the course helped parents see music in a different light. To actively engage in it with their child rather than just having it on in the background. There was evidence that the Boogie Mites courses and resources had a significant impact on home learning. The parent and child enjoying music together, showcased the impact of music on children’s communication, speech and language.

You can use EYPP funding to equip your team to lead Boogie Mites Music programmes and parent engagement workshops. We wrote about our current offer for online training, which can include parent involvement, in our last blog post. You can begin this immediately, even with the current social distancing measures in place.

If you would like to explore a new way of supporting parents, read on. Discover how to get them involved with home learning for the long run though music and movement, on a regular basis…

We recently launched a new online music club for parents and children to enjoy our family collection: Boogie Mites At Home.

What is the Boogie Mites Online Music Club? 

We have been developing our online music and movement workshops this year. For the first  8 – 10 weeks of lockdown, 5 of our fabulous teachers were offering free, live, online music sessions via Facebook groups. We felt it was important to support parents who usually go to work, but would like to entertain, teach and support their under-fives. The feedback and engagement was amazing.

My son loves Emma and it’s our daily activity watching her. A few times a day. 😂

Parent enjoying Boogie Mites Online Workshops

We recognised that the online sessions of Boogie Mites at Home would be valuable beyond lockdown, and that we could partner with our nursery school customers. We want to share this opportunity for parents to enjoy regular involvement in music at home and support their child’s learning and development. All the while, we can link Boogie Mites in the setting, encouraging parental engagement, and potentially raising funds for the nursery…

The Boogie Mites Online Music Club

  • 8 sessions live online every week (4 for under 3’s and 4 for over 3’s)
  • Support your child’s development at home with music and learn about the benefits
  • New exciting theme explored through music each month
  • Kids choir and guest performances
  • Plus! Each month get access to five songs, lyrics, parent notes and fun videos 

You can sign up now to get an ongoing £15.00 subscription fee, with the first month free. Find out more:

The Boogie Mites Online Music Club

Your Referral Code

If you are interested, we can offer you an exclusive 10% discount referral code to share with your parents.

When they sign up using your setting’s specific code, you will get 20% of their subscription fee (ongoing) until they decide to unsubscribe. All you have you to do is share the code in your newsletter/on your social media channels.

So, by promoting home learning through music, you can also raise funds for your nursery, which you may to choose to spend on boosting  your music provision!

If you take part on this referral partnership scheme, we will supply you with social media posts, blog posts and our Parent Guide, which you can use to promote the benefits of music and the membership of the Boogie Mites Online Music Club.

The referral partner scheme: More info

Please email Sue Newman, Boogie Mites Director if you’d like to enquire. Or call her on: 023 92 817274.