Spending your EYPP: Online Music and Movement for EYFS learning

Your EYPP funding: supporting children at nursery and at home

Education sectors are recalibrating at the moment. Everyone is getting used to the new normal and trying to find ways to support children and their parents throughout, and beyond, lockdown and we’ve some EYPP resources for you…

During the last few weeks, it’s become evident that, although there will be a move toward bringing children back into early years (EY) settings, it won’t be the same straight away. Many children will not return to pre-school this term and it will be difficult, and in many cases impossible, to welcome visiting specialist teachers on-site.

There may be EYPP funding yet to be allocated, which needs, more than ever, to be directed in in a way that maximises development for eligible children. Especially as they may be left further behind due to the closure of settings in recent months. Neuroscience and research studies provide evidence of the power of effective, active music making for boosting children’s development in early years, particularly in the areas of foundations for literacy and maths.

In recent years, many EYs settings have chosen to spend their EYPP funding on Boogie Mites School Ready Music Programme for practitioner training and resources that can be used in the setting every year thereafter and for parent education sessions on-site. During lockdown, we have been recording videos and developing online sessions that would fit EYPP funding aims perfectly.

“Girls and boys across the settings have shown an average development rate increase of almost five months in comparison to the same period the previous year. Staff perceive that this increase in development rate compared to the same time last year can be attributed, at least in part, to the introduction of the regular Boogie Mites music making practise. The case studies of individual EYPP funded children also identified a positive impact on development.”
Cat Baker, Quality and Curriculum Manager Paint Pots Nursery Group, Southampton

EYPP Funding – Testimonials

Boogie Mites provision of online school ready support

Over the last few weeks, we have been offering online support to children starting school in September 2020. We’ve been funded by Hampshire City Council in order to support primary schools via LA Adult Learning funding (keep scrolling through the document for pictures):

Case Study: Boogie Mites Family Learning Online


We are also currently supporting parents of children at Bright Horizons, Co-operative Childcare, Kiddi Caru and Spring (Action For Children) Nursery schools, with weekly online music sessions and parent education. We intend to equip them with the knowledge, confidence and resources to support their child’s development through music.

Pre-school settings need to consider how to support their children’s ‘catch up’ via transition activities that will boost their school ready skills, including foundations for literacy and maths. EYPP funding must be directed to meet this challenge.

How Can Boogie Mites help?

Boogie Mites can provide a 3 or 6 week online course for children at pre-schools via an interactive whiteboard or simply around a laptop or PC. This course will also serve to boost practitioners’ ideas for effective music practise between sessions and throughout the rest of the Summer. Parents of children attending the pre-school, whether children are attending or not due to social distancing concerns, can join the group from home. Videos of the live sessions remain on the group, so that they can be practised at a time that fits their schedule.

Each nursery group will have their own Boogie Mites teacher, who will provide Facebook Live videos tailored especially for the group. In between the live sessions, you’ll find posts explaining what’s been covered regarding developmental benefits, things to practise between sessions, resources to support your learning (which can all be made or found around the setting or home), and alerting you of what’s to come!

Boogie Mites whiteboard sessions

Among others, we have been offering Cooperative Childcare – Little Pioneers’ pre-school rooms and parents these online sessions.

“The Whole Class took part in the live Boogie Mites Session, which takes place every Friday for the next 5 weeks at 2pm. Here are a couple photos of a couple children taking part.”


Cooperative Childcare Online Music - Spending your EYPP

Feedback from parents attending HCC funded online courses:
  • Gave me a better understanding of how to develop my child’s learning with sounds in preparation for starting school
  • It was very interactive and my daughter enjoyed it. Was also good to have the activities to be completed by the next session as it gave us something to focus on.
  • The course helped me to learn the skills that will help me teaching and supporting my children.



Are you interested in setting up a Boogie Mites music online community that brings your setting and parents together? Come and support children’s school ready skills through music.


Contact Sue Newman, Boogie Mites Director, on: sue@boogiemites.co.uk or call, 023 92 817274.