Parent Involvement to boost school ready literacy skills through music

School Ready Literacy Skills


Our last blog post shared a recent study that looked at the benefits of music sessions for families with children in the early years. It concluded that these sessions can improve children’s capacity to manage their feelings and behaviour, boost their self-confidence, and heighten their ability to listen and pay attention. The study highlighted how, in areas of high deprivation, these sessions enabled the children to ‘close the gap’ in terms of meeting their age-related expectations.


Parent involvement in home practise of music activities can also boost school ready literacy skills. Regular practise will develop auditory processing ready for phonics, reading and writing.

Statistics show us that we are currently losing the battle when it comes to school ready literacy skills. But it shouldn’t even be a battle. It should be a joy – and Early Years Music Practise can help.


We know from neuroscience evidence, that regular music practise involving sequencing of sounds, and playing with syllables and phonemes develops the auditory processing system, strengthening the foundations for phonics. Indeed, the national strategy for Letters & Sounds Phase 1 guidance recommends that action songs and rhymes should be part of daily activities in Early Years settings for 3 – 5-year olds.

We also know from neuroscience studies that it is the regular repetition of these music activities that has the most effective impact. So, it follows that encouraging parents to practise at home, particularly for children who need the boost, can provide an even stronger intervention for closing the gap. Parent involvement is a key area advocated by Boogie Mites. We run Local Authority funded Family Learning courses across Hampshire for targeted families and we see first-hand the impact they can have.


We encourage our Licensee Early Years settings to involve pre-school year parents via a start-of-year-workshop and end-of-year ‘graduation’ session. We also encourage home practise throughout the year. An end of year music session is an upbeat way to celebrate moving on to school. If parents have been involved with home practise throughout the year, they will really enjoy joining in with the singing as part of the celebrations. Music is such a powerful way to bond groups and create memories, so perfect for pre-school graduation.

Kiddi Caru nurseries plan to offer parent involvement workshops across their nursery group at the start and end of the pre-school year. This is following the excellent feedback from parents attending their parent involvement Saturdays held during Spring 2019.

“My little boy loves Boogie Mites! It’s his favourite part of the day at nursery, he now knows the songs off by heart, the sessions have really helped to build his confidence, sense of rhythm and phonics – thanks to Jack the robot! All of these noticeable benefits have proven to me that he has been given a great start in preparation for learning at school.”

Linda Holliday, Kiddi Caru Basingstoke

Kiddi Caru parents are signposted to Boogie Mites @ Home resources, so that parents can enjoy the songs and support their children’s development through music at home.


If you would like support with offering Boogie Mites parent workshops and sharing resources for home practise email for information about the options.