How to Lead Effective Early Years Music Making

Early Years Practitioner Training

In this blog we explain how Boogie Mites early years practitioner training and resources can help you lead successful music making in your nursery or preschool. The good news is you don’t need any previous music qualifications.

About Boogie Mites

Boogie Mites training workshops offer a cost effective way for Early Years Practitioners to acquire the knowledge, resources and confidence to implement research based music making to support learning across Early Years Foundation Stage.  We offer training workshops covering one or more of the Boogie Mites music programmes.

Boogie Mites have spent many years writing creative songs and linked activities that incorporate the exercises proven to support all areas of learning and boost brain development in early years. We use homemade props and instruments and many different genres of music that keep the upbeat songs as interesting for adults as for children.

Boogie Mites music programmes

Boogie Mites music and movement programmes include training DVDs and card notes with links to the EYFS. All programmes are available as physical packs or via online access and have additional online bonus resources:

  • School Ready (2.5-5yrs) developing school ready skills
  • Boogie Minis (1-2.5yrs) supporting the 3 Prime Areas
  • Boogie Baby (under 1s) for bonding and early language development
  • Healthy Living (2-5 yrs) eat well, exercise more and explore nature
  • Maths (3-5yrs) support mathematical skills and confidence with numbers
  • Annual Themed Song Collection (2-5 years) explore the world through music
  • Sticks and Sounds (SEN to 18 years) adapted for different abilities

We have developed evidence based music and movement programmes which:

  • Harness the power of music to support development in all 7 areas of the EYFS
  • Are informed by neuroscience studies that prove the brain boosting benefits of early music practise
  • Use creative original songs covering exciting themes with home-made props and instruments
  • Upskill your team to deliver creative, active music making as part of everyday activities
  • Progress practitioners and children’s musical skills and love of music
  • Provide a vehicle for engaging parents in their children’s learning, encouraging home practice

Our resources can be purchased from our online shop.

Options for training

The standard training workshop covers a programme of 20-25 songs and linked activities and is 3-4 hours but the training format can be adapted to the requirements of the customer.  Options include:

  • Inset training – for all members of one early years setting team on a Saturday or weekday. Maximum 25 trainees.
  • Cluster training – One early years setting can host the training in an evening or on a Saturday with one or two practitioners attending. Others local settings are invited to send one or two of their team to contribute to the cost. Maximum 25 trainees
  • Conference – A practical session for a large group of practitioners at an early years Conference or event
  • Train the Trainer – Boogie Mites can train a small group of ‘champions’ who will become internal trainers for a nursery group. This is set up under an annually renewable licence arrangement
Long term support

Boogie Mites aim to offer a long term music support to each setting that purchases a programme and training. This includes:

  • Options for the training to be extended to full day or with a second half day some weeks or months later to review an implementation plan, cover extension activities, plan a parent workshop initiative or making instruments session.
  • Inclusion of a training DVD in the physical resource pack offering a recap on the training theory and examples of each song in action. This also supports training for new practitioners joining the setting.
  • We register all practitioners attending training and email them a monthly newsletter with links to blogs and free resources which offer new ideas, songs and videos to keep music provision fresh and informed.
  • We offer support with parent involvement initiatives to ensure that your parents know that your setting includes research based creative music making as part of everyday activities to ensure that their child has the opportunity to benefit from the power of music to support development at this stage.

We’d love to hear from you, to find out more and to discuss Boogie Mites music and movement training further email