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Interview with Anita Collins

  Boogie Mites Director, Sue Newman interviews Anita Collins who is a world renowned music education and neuroscience researcher University of Canberra. Introduction to interview [audio ...

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How Neuroscience is revealing the power of music

  What has science got to do with pre-schoolers moving and singing to their favourite song? Well a lot more than you may think – neuroscience (the study of the brain and nervous system) is hel...

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Family Learning, Learning for Life

An area of Boogie Mites’ work that you may not know about is our Family Learning courses across London and the South. We have been involved with this work for many years now, taking many of our prog...

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Time For Transition

Well, here we are again – the summer term; a time of transition, moving on from nursery and pre-school towards Reception year. We wrote about this very subject three years ago, and noted that there ...

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Win When You’re Singing

When we sing together, we win together, or so football fans would have you believe! Have you ever noticed that when people get together, the joy is tripled when we start signing and dancing? Smiles b...

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