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COVID-19 (Corona Virus) is the news and children are said to be potential super-spreaders. “Wash your hands” is the advice given by the UK Government in order to help stop the spread of the illness. So, how can we, as early years practitioners, teachers, parents and carers help to promote the washing hands message?

Make hand washing fun with music!

At Boogie Mites, we know that it can be difficult to get children washing their hands the right way, regularly and thoroughly, and we know that music makes activities fun, so we’re offering a music and movement pack to help encourage just that.

Once you sign up, you’ll get access to 2 videos, an MP3 of the song and the song lyrics.

The first video is introduced by Harriet, the brains behind our original music, and she explains the Wash Your Hands song resource, talking through the actions. It then shows her leading the song in an early years setting.

You’ll see the children enjoying the activity, singing along and copying her actions. It’ll show you the most effective way to lead it yourself.

The second video is shows Harriet following the advised steps for hand washing with a child from the nursery. You’ll see her talk him through:

  1. Making hands wet
  2. Applying soap 
  3. Rubbing palms together (and in-between fingers)
  4. Using one hand to rub on the top of the other hand (and in-between the fingers…then swapping hands)
  5. Washing each thumb with the other hand
  6. Rubbing the nails of one hand on the palm of the other hand (and vice-versa)
  7. Rubbing the fingertip of one hand on the palm of the other hand (and vice-versa)
  8. Washing wrists
  9. Rinsing thoroughly
  10. Drying thoroughly

Don’t forget, you can also refer to the Government Publication: Guidance to Education Settings About COVID-19.

Get our Wash Your Hands song package via our webform. Simply fill out your email address and name and we’ll send you your access.

“Boogie Mites’ Wash Your Hands Song has made regular, thorough hand washing fun for our preschool and nursery children”

Early Years Manager, Ali Prismall, Mayville High School

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Wash Your Hands Song Resource

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