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Summer Activities - Learn Through Play


  • How to plan your summer activities and learn through play
  • Free resources to help you trial music as a means to learn through play
  • Ideas to fill your whole summer…

So, it’s well under-way! That ice-cream-melting-sticky-fingered time of year – it’s your summer holidays.

But in that final week of school plays, cake sales, class parties and last club sessions, it’s hard to think about how much time there will be to fill once your holiday finally begins.

At Boogie Mites, we appreciate that you can’t always be paying for extravagant activity days or even getting out the house as much as you’d like to. So, we have a few suggested activities for you to enjoy; whether you’re at home, in your garden, in the park, at Grandad and Grandmas or anywhere else in between. 

We always centre a Boogie Mites music and movement session around a particular theme, and we suggest opening a conversation about the subject of the song before beginning to talk through the lyrics. So here are some ideas and a free resource for leading music at home which is fun and supports the early years foundation stage

Introduce the song…

What’s your name? Emily? Can you tap out Em-i-ly? How many taps is that? 3 taps!

Go around and exchange the names of anyone joining in (if there’s only two of you, you could tap the names of different items instead of names). Then talk through the lyrics of the songs slowly, perhaps even a couple of times and start the music.

Engagement is always more active if props are used and we use everything from wooden spoons to homemade drums (made from baby milk tins, coffee tins or even cereal boxes).

Music at Story-time

Another easy way to use music and movement as a tool to learn through play is at story-time. Choose your favourite book and try to think of a song which would work well with that narrative. At Boogie Mites, we did just that…

Munch Munch Munch

Do you remember The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle?

Our song Munch Munch Munch leads on from this renowned story of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Expand their understanding of the world using a track that puts them in the place of the caterpillar during this transition.

This free resource comes with lyrics and two videos. One video of the song in action (as seen in the images below), and one instruction video with Tamsyn. She talks directly to the camera, performing the song as you would with a child/ children at home (or in your nursery setting). 

Munch Munch Munch - Summer Activities

Munch Munch Munch - Summer Activities

In the action-video included you can see Harriet reading the story to an early years group before leading them with the song. You’ll notice she uses simple props – in the case scarves, but you could use pillowcases – to make understanding the notion of a cocoon a little easier. Watch them as they’re reborn as butterflies…

Get Munch Munch Munch Free

If you’d like to access more musical activities for every day, explore Boogie Mites at Home. It has been created especially for parents looking for activities in which their little ones can learn through play. 

The Ultimate Collection of Music Activities to Learn Through Play at Home…

Keep them busy, tire them out and inspire and excite them, using this 14-category collection. Each category has 5 songs with videos and notes offering guidance, linked craft activities and lyrics.

“My youngest is obsessed!”

“I would say it’s great value for money. You can buy toys for much more than that, that hardly do anything, whereas these songs, notes, and videos can give hours of fun”
Summer Holiday Half Price Offer

You can bring Boogie Mites home for just £7.50 per category.

Action Songs

This collection of classic Boogie Mites action songs will have your child dancing, stamping, clapping and singing. Plus there are instructions for making a shaker from recycled materials that will really get your family in the groove!

Watch the Action Song Videos.

Percussion Songs

This collection of Boogie Mites most popular percussion songs are a brilliant opportunity for you and your child to have lots of fun with drums, shakers and tapping sticks. And don’t worry, there are easy instructions for making your percussion instruments from recycled materials so there is nothing to buy…just lots of homemade music fun!

Watch the Percussion Song Videos.

Free Parent Guide to Active Music Making

Don’t forget, you can download the FREE PARENT GUIDE to active music-making to aid your understanding of music in early years. 

Nursery Practitioners…

Please note that Boogie Mites at Home resources are available for home use only. The BM@H themed categories of online resources do not include a license for use in a public setting. If you are part of an early years setting and would like a selection of Boogie Mites themed songs to extend your Boogie Mites music provision you can purchase the Annual Themed Songs Collection which includes 12 songs, instructor videos and practitioner notes, plus the license for use in the named setting.

For enquiries, contact Sue Newman, Boogie Mites Director on 023 92 817274 or email her: