Our transition workshops for children starting school in September…

Transitions for starting primary school

All over the world, some children are more prepared than others when starting primary school. Year R teachers will hope that they have reached a level of literacy and maths that will allow them to keep up with their peers – giving them the best start in their academic life.

‘School readiness’ is a term that many in the early years community do not like because it suggests that a child’s stage of development at age 4/5 can be measured against set goals such as the base-line assessment, which has not been well received.

However, it has been widely used over many years and although there is not one national definition, it is generally accepted to include a child’s foundations in the 7 Areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage, with particular focus on foundations for maths and literacy.

You can find out why music is the most effective tool for practising all of these aspects on our blog post: Why music? The benefits on development in early years.


However, we understand that only so much of this learning can be done in nursery at the best of times, and now, with the world being in lockdown, we need to work out the best way to give home-support to the future minds of our planet!

Research shows many children in poverty are less school ready than their peers, creating an ‘attainment gap’. 

Boogie Mites – The Role of Music in Closing the Early Years Attainment Gap


‘Closing the school ready attainment gap’ has always been one of our main goals at Boogie Mites, and in order to do so, we support:

  • Local Authority funded Parent Education Groups

For many years, we have delivered parent education transition courses at Early Years Centres and Primary School in Hampshire, Surrey and London.

These have reached families in the most disadvantaged areas to give them the tools for supporting their child’s development in early years. A main focus for these is groups is transition.

During the summer term, we’ve supported parents, so that they can practise over the Summer, ready for starting school. Strong foundations for Literacy and Maths are vital for a good start at school.

Boogie Mites parent education courses were evaluated by Chichester University in 2012, with positive outcomes for home practise and perceived improvement in children’s language, listening and communication skills generally.

  • Achievement for All (AFA)

AFA is a non-profit organisation that works in partnership with early years settings… to improve outcomes for all children and young people. Our proven ability to accelerate academic progress closes the gap for all ages and stages, regardless of their background, challenge or need.

 We have attended AFA events which aim to close this gap, we offer resources to support their annual reading challenge and we continue to offer all of their readers our online workshops throughout the lockdown period.

  • Parents of Under 5’s during lockdown

We have been offering free online music and movement workshops to parents covering the programme that Boogie Mites Licensed settings would have been following if EY’s children been going to preschool as usual. 


During lockdown we have been busy creating videos covering our school ready literacy and maths programmes so that we can offer online transition sessions for free. We have also added the videos to our digital programme packs so that parents can practise with their children throughout the Summer and make sure they have strong foundations ready for school.

Please share with parents over the next couple of weeks so that they join these weekly workshops in time for the maths sessions, starting 18th may, and Literacy sessions, starting June 1st.

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