Parental Involvement for Early Development

Parental Involvement for the Summer Break


  • How to promote parental involvement over the summer holidays
  • A parent’s guide to music and movement practise – EYFS links for development
  • Our new, huge collection of musical activities for the home

Parental involvement is greatly beneficial (some may even say crucial), during early development. And while encouraging developmental activities at home is easy, ensuring they are implemented can be difficult.

At Boogie Mites, we believe strongly in encouraging home practise, and the Boogie Mites upbeat, popular songs make motivating a little easier.  This was confirmed by a Chichester University research study: An Evaluation of the Boogie Mites Early Years Music Education Programmes in respect of parents and practitioners.


As part of the study, Hampshire Council funded Boogie Mites parent education courses in disadvantaged areas across the County. 296 parents attended and gave feedback on Boogie Mites Programmes. Here are just some of the findings relevant to home practise:

  • All parents reported that they felt more confident to use music with their children at home and as part of everyday life. Whereas previously they said they used music for recreational purposes or in the background, they commented how much of a primary role it now played in their lives. The parents’ increased confidence had a knock-on effect on their child’s confidence.
  • Parents liked the upbeat Boogie Mites songs and popular music styles which have been chosen to engage the adults and children making them culturally relevant to life today. They were less inspired by traditional songs and rhymes.
  • The Boogie Mites sessions were an important factor when encouraging parents to make the links between the EYFS prime areas of learning and the use of music both at the session and in the home.
  • The fact that parents were practicing and using their skills at home could lead to music becoming embedded into home practice. The home practice took many forms such as 1:1 or family activities, making and using instruments and singing with the CD.

‘…From the results, we can infer that the Boogie Mites programmes reinforced to all parents, regardless of their existing knowledge, practice and awareness, the extent to which music can greatly impact their child’s development.’


And the impact was recognisable… ‘Changes in communication and language which could be attributed to the Boogie Mites course were more noticeably reported by parents in the telephone interviews with children with language delay or special needs, and by parents with English as an additional language’

‘…More than half of the parents said they had seen a lot of changes in their child’s communication skills […] “My son can sing along, and it has helped his vocabulary… [He] gets excited about music and talking”’

‘All parents reported that they and their child benefitted from doing the Boogie Mites programmes’…


And that’s why developing our parent products has been so important at Boogie Mites. Our blog post: A Parent’s Guide to EY Music explains how music is so effective for supporting the Early Years Foundation Stage.


We have been busy filming instructor videos over the last year to further encourage parents to use the songs at home, even if they have not been able to attend sessions. We are excited to launch our new Boogie Mites at Home Collection, which offers a vast, 14 categories. Each category is made up of 5 songs, parent notes with linkable craft activities and 5 videos with instruction for leading, and extending, with linked activities.

Last month we ran a free trial and requested feedback from users. We received comments from over 50 parents…

“My youngest is obsessed!”

“Very user friendly”

“It was helpful having the lyrics and parent notes to memorise the words”

“My two year old loved it!”

Thanks to everyone who took part in the trial. We have made some adaptions in response the feedback – including lowering the price!

You can check out the whole collection on our YouTube Channel, where you’ll find a video compilation of clips for each category in the collection. This month, we are suggesting you begin with Healthy Living; an excellent opportunity to be active, promote playing outside and healthy eating. Make a magical, musical, healthy start to your Summer holidays:

Browse the Boogie Mites at Home Collection

Please note that BM@H resources are available for home use only. The BM@H themed categories of online resources do not include a licence for use in a public setting. If you are an early years setting and would like a selection of Boogie Mites themed songs to extend your Boogie Mites music provision you can purchase the Annual Themed Songs Collection which includes 12 songs, instructor videos and practitioner notes, plus the licence for use in the named setting.

For enquiries, contact Sue Newman, Boogie Mites Director on 023 92 817274 or email her: