Unique Nursery Rhymes: The Annual Themed Song Collection

Not your usual Nursery Rhymes


Our Annual Themed Song (ATS) Collection is celebrating its first birthday! Extend your traditional collection – you don’t have to sing nursery rhymes and Baby Shark every day!

  • What is the ATS song collection?
  • What resources does it include?
  • Does it link to the EYFS and government guidelines?
  • BIRTHDAY discount! Get the code to claim 35% off
  • Read feedback from customers already using the ATS collection.

In September 2017, we launched our Annual Themed Song collection. Aimed at 2-5 years olds, these resources were released monthly; keeping your repertoire fresh and topical. Often based on the changing seasons, the subjects of these songs varied. Animals to seasons, there’s something for everyone…

  • October: Autumn
  • November: Fireworks
  • December: Christmas
  • January: Loud and Soft
  • February: Dinosaurs
  • March: The Woods
  • April: The Wind
  • May: Cycle of Life
  • June: Fast and Fun
  • July: Fairy Tales
  • August: Australia
  • September: Slow and Controlled

Each package includes the song, video of the song in action and teacher notes linking the activity to the EYFS. The instructor video can be used as training or played directly to the children if you need 5 minutes to catch up on paperwork!

To celebrate the release of all 12 monthly resources, you can now purchase the entire collection for £50.00 (+VAT), that’s 35% off! Just use code ATSBULK50 at the checkout of our online shop.

Have a look at feedback from a customer currently using the BM ATS song collection:

Nicola Todd, is a parent using the ATS collection. She gave us her feedback…

How do you use the songs and instructor videos?

Kids love it! The videos work for them. Sometimes put them on for kids to watch and I join in with singing.

My daughter has been doing topics at school that we have already covered with the ATS collection.

In what way were they effective?

I like that they’re simple ones. Memorising them is easy as the songs are simple and catchy.

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