Make the Most of Your Summer Holiday with Music

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  • Find out more about our new Boogie Mites at Home (BM@H) collection, perfect for keeping busy this summer holiday.
  • Explore ‘Around the World’, the second category released and consider linked activities for inside and out…
  • Read feedback from our launch competition winner – find out why he is enjoying Boogie Mites at Home with his daughter.
  • Learn about our August 2018 launch promotion offers

When planning Summer holiday family fun for your under 5’s, remember that music practise at this stage is proven by neuroscience to develop foundations for literacy, maths and learning generally. There is probably no single activity better at preparing them for school – and it’s great fun!

Boogie Mites at Home

We are very excited about our new product Boogie Mites at Home, which we launched in May this year. Just in case you missed our announcement, which appeared in our blog post Boogie Mites’ New Themed Song Collection – Learning Resources for the Home, please find a summary of the first three categories we released below:

  1. In the Garden
  • Munch Munch Munch
  • Woodpecker
  • I was in the Garden
  • Frog’s Life
  • Mini Beasts Picnic
  1. Around the World
  • Jungles of Brazil
  • Australia
  • Arctic Hop
  • Choo Choo Choo
  • Spin
  1. Action Songs
  • Wake up now
  • Clap Clap Clap
  • Shaker Rock
  • Open Shut
  • One Man Band

Each song is available as an MP3 and includes an MP4 video. These videos can be watched by carers as a tutorial for leading the song with kids, or with your little one to begin a day of themed activities together. Linked activities are not hard to come up with, especially as the notes suggest some for you. Check out details via the BM@H website shop page here.

In the Around the World category, you can explore the world through sounds, rhythms, expression, story-telling and music & movement – using only your bodies!

You can do these songs anywhere! Consider Choo Choo Choo, Boogie Mites song about different modes of transport:

Out and about: walking to the park, you could sing as you push the buggy, identify different modes of transport and the sounds they make – try to mimic the sound of a horn or an engine.

At home: Performing the song in your garden/ living room. This could lead onto books, videos, craft activities linked to the transport theme. Get out the paint set and run a toy car’s wheels along paper.

What are your summer holiday plans?
You could visit Anywhere in the world from your living room.

Let them decide where you go! Before you start the song, get them to choose a destination and immediately act as though you have arrived when the song ends. Perhaps pretend to be shivering in the arctic leading into The Arctic Hop Boogie Mites song or fly to Australia and then sing the Australia Boogie Mites song, where you can find different animals that live there. Maybe you will catch the train across America and end up in Brazil to explore the Jungles of Brazil Boogie Mites song – don’t forget to pack your explorers rucksack before you set off

Where will your summer holiday boogie take you?

Congratulations Andrew South from South London for winning our social media launch competition!

Andrew has been enjoying the first category from our Boogie Mites at Home collection with his 20-month-old daughter. We asked him what he thought of the resources…

How did you get started? Did you watch the video together?
Initially, I watched the action videos so I could learn some of the actions to show my daughter… revision geek!! Then we did the songs together and she was able to watch me do the actions.

How have you extended the activities? have you used any of the ideas suggested in the notes?
We love music in our house and my daughter has loads of little percussion instruments. For Shaker Rock we introduced some instruments and actions for our own routine. She also loves to dance as we shake our shakers. It’s a great after nursery activity/just before bed family fun time for all of us.
The notes on how to lead the song are really helpful as it gives me structure on how to lead my daughter and how to extend the activity.
Not tried it yet but they would be great for a group of kids if you are babysitting!

Do you and your kids have a favourite song? If so, which and why?
Not at the moment as she just loves the music, dancing and actions to all the songs we do!

Is there anything about the resources that you particularly like?
The instructions are really clear and easy to follow. And the ideas for development means that as your child/children get older you can progress the activity, keeping it fresh whilst they are learning.

Do you think that the resources are good value for money?
For £30, I would say it is great value for money. You can buy toys for much more than that that hardly do anything. Whereas these songs, notes and videos can give hours of fun. Plus, as they are downloadable you can do it anywhere including the park or rainy-day activities.

You can find out more about each category in the Boogie Mites at Home Collection on our website shop.

Boogie Mites at Home

Remember that music making practise for children under 5 improves melodic and rhythmic skills and is proven by neuroscience to develop their foundations for literacy, maths and learning generally. You will be readying them for school while having fun together and creating magical musical memories of your summer holidays.

Happy Boogying!


For enquiries, contact Sue Newman, Boogie Mites Director, on 023 92 817274 or email her