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learning resources for EYs music


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If you are struggling to find inspiration for leading original activities every day in your nursery setting, at home or as a childminder – fear not. Whatever your role in early years, we’ve got you covered.

We recently updated our YouTube channel, where there’s enough to keep you and your child/ the children in your care full of ideas for leading a musically inspired day.

Suggested ideas for activities

At Boogie Mites, we encourage everyone to have a song and a boogie. Whether or not you have music experience, leading musical activities with children can be easily achieved and we have the learning resources, readily available, for you to do it. With videos of our songs in action, you can gain ideas and advice for leading such activities:

  1. Begin by opening a discussion: “So what did everyone have for dinner last night?” You may find some children shout out “chips”, “peas”, whilst others quietly look on or put their hand up and wait, but encourage everyone to join in.
  2. Talk through the lines in the chorus with the actions you want to include in the song: “Chocolate cake, chocolate cake, who likes, who likes chocolate cake? Yummy, yummy, yummy, put it in my tummy, I like, you like chocolate cake”
  3. Then, play the track/ shake your shaker/ tap your drum and begin singing. If you know the song and you are repeating the words you have just been through, you will find some join in near to the end (the secret to these songs is repetition, repetition, repetition!)

This example is based on our song Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, see it for yourself below. Watching the video will give you a taste of the Boogie Mites songs in action.

When you invest in a Boogie Mites programme, you aren’t just buying a song as an MP3 or CD. Our resource packs include training videos, lyrics and notes with linked activities and EYFS links for planning (practitioner packs only) These allow you to continue the activity, long after the 3-minute song has finished.

Scrunch It | Toddler Music | Boogie Mites shows BM Licensee Michelle leading ‘Scrunch It’ in a nursery setting. The song is sandwiched with exploration. Recycled materials are sprawled around, and they are encouraged to describe how each of them feels, sounds and looks. This is an excellent multi-sensory activity suitable for all ages and abilities.

Taster Clips from our Instructor Video Collections

We have several song collections, one of which is The Annual Themed Song Collection.

Aimed at practitioners and childminders, this collection provides all the information to support your EYFS guidelines with a category for each month of the year; keeping your musical collection topical and fresh.

For each month, these learning resources contain an instructor video of the song being performed with props and animated backdrops – meaning that you can use them for training or stick them on for the children to watch directly. These intend to advise carers on how to lead the activities and, or lead the song as a stand-alone activity while you glug your morning cuppa!

Our Categories 

Our YouTube channel videos have been categorised to help viewers find what they are looking for. If you are an Early Years teacher, take a look at our ‘Music to Support the 3 prime areas of the EYFS’ playlist. If you are an overseas organisation looking for potential partner provision of EY music, then you can hear from some of our overseas collaborators on our International’ playlist… You can also discover evidence of how music is such a

Explore all of the Boogie Mites playlists on our channel.

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