How can music support healthy kids?

How can music support healthy kids?


Are you maintaining the health-kick that saw you through the beginning of the year? How can music support healthy kids as you continue into 2020? We’re well into 2020 now. Half-term week has arrived and we’re keeping busy and active in this crazy, stormy weather. It’s at times like this that we need to be especially careful to make sure that an active lifestyle stay a part of our routine.

However, it’s not just activity that keeps us healthy. A recent event on our social media calendar reminded us of this.


Children’s mental health week saw children’s centres and organisations all over the world discussing ways in which we can encourage opening conversations and teaching children about mindfulness. That it’s ok not to be ok, but to talk about it. 

Music and Mental Health – Activity

We suggested a simple activity which uses a traditional nursery rhyme to encourage children to express themselves and to open conversations about emotional development.

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.

The traditional tune will invite them to join in as they already know the melody and it can be adapted to whatever emotions you are discussing.

If you’re sad and you know it have a cry.

If you’re excited and you know it jump around.

If you’re shocked and you know it, have a gasp!


The Boogie Mites Healthy Living Programme

Our healthy living programme reminds us of all the aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Rainbow on My Plate

Points out all the colours and flavours that we see on a balanced plate of food. Helping their Understanding of the world by naming different fruits and vegetables.

Watch it Grow

Also develops their understanding of the world by describing how a seed grows to become a plant. You start in a little ball (as a seed) and wiggle your way upwards until your become a fully-grown plant – it’s great to get you moving and work on those physical skills.

Happy Cat

Is a yoga cat! Do some of those basic yoga poses (practising coordination and motor skills) whilst singing about the cat’s expressions. Develop their personal, social and emotional understanding whilst singing Happy cat, happy cat, sad cat, sad cat…

‘Do Re Mi…

…the ecology!’ talks about how recycling is something kind we do to help the planet we live on. Play with junk percussion and name the shapes and sounds you can find. Watch their expressive arts and design skills grow as the put things together and create original, unguided sounds themselves. Learn new words and sounds and watch as their communication and literacy skills grow.

And More…

The upbeat style of songs and the actions, such as for I feel Alive, Watch It grow, Rainbow on my Plate, Do Re Mi, Dan the Can are really mood boosting activities as well as conveying other healthy living messages. Whilst The slower songs are good for calming mood and developing mindfulness such as Happy Cat, How Do We Know That the Wind Blows, Sue The Bear.

This is the magic of music – it can influence mood as well as help to introduce themes for discussion and further exploration.

All Boogie Mites music and movement programmes offer extension activities to explore the theme further, supporting craft activities, suggested props and guidance for warm up and cool down activities. In addition the introduction of body and instrument percussion for keeping the beat, pattern and sequencing activities which will help support literacy and maths skills.

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The 19 downloadable songs are accompanied by:

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The Healthy Living Programme for Practitioners

If you’re a parent…

 And you’d like to enjoy the brain-boosting healthy living music programme, you can purchase the Healthy Living Parent Pack for £7.20 – that’s 10% less than the usual £8.00.

Included is:

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The Healthy Living Programme for Parents

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