Happy New Year! Discover What Boogie Mites Got Up To In 2019…

2019 Happy New Year

We hope you have a happy new year! It’s been a wonderful 2019. We’ve met some really inspiring practitioners, parents, childminders and EY advisors, and we’ve watched as music has been given more of the attention it deserves for EY education and community support.

Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed the magic of early years music making with us. If you’d like to know more about any of the events mentioned in our NY video, please see below for more information…

School Ready Case Study

After training in October 2018, we visited 1 of the 8 Saurus Nurseries in Brighton to find out how they were getting on with the School Ready Music programme. You can find out more about our visit, and watch the case study video:

Saurus Nursery Group School Ready Training Case Study.

200 Million Minutes

Once again, we took part in Achievement For All’s reading challenge in which they encourage educational settings to register their reading minutes in order to reach a global goal.

This year, we spread the word and offered an extra incentive by giving access to our resource: Frog’s Life. Find out more about the event:

The 200 Million Minute Challenge.

Music for EAL

We continued to build our overseas relationships in order to support learning English as a second language and we continued to grow our partnerships with Nutspace, India and Muminbu, France. Discover more about Boogie Mites International:

EAL Music Resources for our international Partnerships

Teaching Healthy Living Through Music 

Munch Munch Munch was offered as a free resource to support healthy living through music. Tell a story through music. This one is about a Caterpillar becoming a Butterfly, and you can still get this resource in our website…

Promoting a healthy lifestyle for children through music

Our Wonderful Licensees

You can find out more about our amazing licensees on our blog:

‘My job is to make people smile’: Run children’s’ music sessions and be your own boss

Boogie Mites on Early Years TV

Earlier this year we even appeared on Early Years TV (EYTV) with Kathy Brodie.

“Early Years TV features interviews, discussions and presentations from leading theorists and practitioners all designed to help your professional development as an Early Years Practitioner and Educator.”

 We would recommend signing up to EYTV if you work in early years education. The platform offers inspiration and guidance for early learning and updates your EY knowledge so you’re always supporting your children as best as you can.

You can watch our whole EYTV interview on our YouTube channel.

Don’t forget our blog holds all of this information, and it’s a great platform to refer to for the latest early years music news. You can browse our entire blog here.

Boogie Mites Practitioner Training

We have had the pleasure of working with many EY teachers this year through our music and movement training courses. We offer 5 different types of training, so you’re bound to find one that works for you and your team. You can check out the different types and work out which one looks best for you on our blog:

 Early Years Training for Your Team – Boost Learning and Development Through Music

Let’s continue to use music for early learning and community cohesion this coming year.


Happy New Year!

Here’s to a magical and musical 2020.