Planning your spooky celebrations? Try these Halloween Songs for Kids

Halloween Songs for Kids


Are you looking for ways to make this Halloween special? Why not try these adaptations of the BM programmes to introduce original Halloween Songs for Kids?

There are endless arts and craft activities to help you get into the Halloween spirit (pun intended), but there isn’t often money or time to invest in further programmes in the short build-up to the 31st October. It’s nice to explore the spooky-theme and to focus on something else before everyone’s talking about Christmas.


Yes! That’s why we’re offering ideas for adapting a few of the Boogie Mites songs. We’re sure that after reading these you will be able to adapt even more (if you haven’t already)!

Firstly, that BM favourite: Let’s Tap A Word

Available on: the Sticks and Sounds (SEN Programme) and the Healthy Living Programme

Let’s Tap A Word is extremely adaptable. Before beginning the music, you should pick a theme with your group (in this case, Halloween).

Go around and ask the children what they might dress as. You may hear “cat”, “spider”, “dinosaur”. Tap out these words. How many ‘taps’ (syllables) do they have? Get the children to count with you. Once you have chosen your costumes, begin the music. They will be excited to shout the costume they have chosen.

Don’t forget: if you don’t have it, you can get Let’s Tap A Word right now (for free!)

Let’s Tap A Word

Next up: If you’re scared and you know it, have a shiver

The original version of this song (with a BM twist) is available on the School Ready Literacy Programme (and we have a feeling you may know it…)

In the spooky version, you can create your own gestures.

  • Ask the children what happens to their eyes when they are shocked:

If you’re scared, and you know it, do wide-eyes

  • Ask them what might happen to their mouths:

If you’re scared, and you know it, make an ‘O’

  • Ask if they would stand and stare?

If you’re scared, and you know it, move your feet!

 Finally: Mulberry Bush

Available on the Boogie Mites Minis Programme

  • Change the words wherever you see fit: ‘cold and frosty morning’ may become

‘damp and spooky morning’ or ‘when the witch comes calling’.

This song is mainly instrumental, so you could change as much or as little as you wish. Get creative!

You can also let parents know about your Halloween celebrations with this poster (which will also get the children talking about – and excited for – the spooky boogie!

Halloween Songs for kids - your spooky party poster


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