Get the Most From Your EYFS Training – Maintaining BM Music Magic

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  • How can you maintain the skills, knowledge, and confidence gained at a BM’s EYFS Training?
  • The Annual Themed Song Collection – keeping your music practise fresh and exciting all year
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  • The Practitioner’s Guide to Active Music Making to help you incorporate music into the everyday.

After your team has enjoyed EYFS Training with Boogie Mites, it can be hard to maintain the music magic. But we have refresher resources which help extend that confidence and knowledge so that you can continue to incorporate music into all aspects of your day…

Boogie Mites have resources available to help you build confidence and knowledge to incorporate music into all aspects of your day. So, whichever of the 7 aspects – or 3 prime areas – you intend to focus on, music is the magic ingredient you need. You can read our previous blog post, which explains, with examples, how music can support learning in each of these areas.


Our Annual Themed Song (ATS) Collection is made up of 12 themed song packages, making it easy to link each of the songs to stories, craft activities and role-play around a chosen theme every four weeks. This will extend your early years music provision by offering additional opportunities for children to benefit from the brain-boosting impact of regular music making.

Each package contains the song, instructor video and teacher notes linking it to the EYFS, so that all the planning is done for you.


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The Annual Themed Song Collection

Browse the entire collection in the playlist below… 

Practitioner Feedback

Nursery practitioners find the instructor video a big help while they are learning the song and Happysaurus Nursery in Brighton have enjoyed the February ATS song Dyathinkhesaurus with the children.

“The children really enjoyed the upbeat rhythm of the song. They especially liked the chorus. The children created their own moves for the song, stomping their feet as they go and introducing sticks”

Dannielle Theoret, Happysaurus Nursery

The Annual Themed Song Collection


If you don’t have access to the internet in your classroom or a device on which to download your MP3s, for an extra £10, you can add a CD to your purchase.


We have created a platform of resources and products to help you maximise the learning power of music. Maintain your EYFS training by referring to our Practitioner’s Guide.

You can download it for free, and within, you’ll find:

  1. Why Music is such a great tool for engagement
  2. How Music boosts wellbeing
  3. Why Music boosts cognitive function (clue: it’s in the neuroscience)

…and how to link music-making to your EYFS planning

Get the Practitioner’s Guide to Active Music Making

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