EYPP funding: supporting children’s development through music

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How can you spend EYPP funding to most effectively meet children’s needs in the current climate?

The Early Years (EY) sector is getting used to the new normal, finding new ways to support practitioners, children and their parents throughout this pandemic.

Although EY settings are currently staying open, life will not return to ‘normal’ before spring 2021 at the earliest. It is tough for EY practitioners as all training and social events are online. In addition, any onsite visits from parents or specialist teachers are no longer possible.

Supporting the wellbeing of practitioners and parents must continue to be a priority for assuring the wellbeing of children. However, we mustn’t forget that children need to be prepared for school next September and we need to find ways to do this that are fun, active, uplifting and can involve parents and home activities as well.

At Boogie Mites (BM), we believe that daily, creative, music-making opportunities improves everyone’s mood. Not only this, it has the potential to significantly boost children’s cognitive development. It’s also great for equipping parents with mood-boosting activities to enjoy at home with their children.

Neuroscience studies provide evidence of the power of effective, active, music-making to boost children’s development in EY, particularly in the foundations for literacy and maths. Research suggests that music and movement in EY could be the key to closing the attainment gap. 

In recent years, many EYs settings have chosen to spend their EYPP funding on our School Ready Music Programme. They receive practitioner training and resources that can be used in the setting and for parent education sessions.

“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Boogie Mites to anyone caring for children in the early years. The extensive learning outcomes for children that it offers, makes it very good value for money. I believe it should be an essential piece of ‘toolkit’ within the industry.”

Emma Berry, Manager, Scamps Pre-School, East Worthing

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Online support to get children school ready

Every summer term, BM Tutors lead parent education courses to support their child’s transition. Under our Hampshire County Council contract, we had to quickly change our delivery to online for the 2020 summer term.

It took lots of trialling but this summer we worked with parents and pre-schools from 22 primary schools in the most disadvantaged areas of Hampshire. The results blew everyone away and provided evidence that the Boogie Mites School Ready Programme offers a way to close the attainment gap for EYPP funded children, engaging them and their parents in an intervention that boosts foundations for literacy.

Read about the positive impact that these courses had on children and parents in this independent evaluation by Achievement For All (AFA).

AFA Report

Pre-school settings must consider how best to support their children’s literacy and maths foundations as well as boosting wellbeing. Their EYPP funding must be directed to meet this challenge.

How can we help?
  1. Resource packs

Read more about our School Ready Literacy Programme

Read more about our Maths Programme

The programme package includes online modular training videos, however, many settings find that training with us at the start boosts confidence and supports the implementation of the programme into their daily practice.

  1. Online Training

In January 2021, we are leading our first online practitioner training for our Literacy programme. Guiding practitioners through the training modules, the 6-week training course will start and end with a zoom session. Following initially good feedback we have booked dates to start further courses in February, find out more via the button below.

“I loved the course yesterday, thank you. Bright and cheerful with great ideas, such a welcome break from all the ‘doom and gloom’ at the moment!” – Trainee from Trumacar Nursery & Primary School.

Email sue@boogiemites.co.uk for more information, or to enquire about online training exclusively for your setting/nursery group.

Find Out More

  1. Parent Engagement

EYPP Funding Online

We also support parent involvement via online sessions and resources to enjoy with their children at home. The parent support package can be purchased by the setting or by parents directly.

Email sue@boogiemites.co.uk for information or to organise a parent involvement project exclusively for your setting/nursery group.

Contact Us

At Boogie Mites, we believe that collaboration as well as music will play a significant part in getting us through these difficult times.

Please contact sue@boogiemites.co.uk to discuss working with us to enhance music provision at your setting, boost wellness and development for staff, children and parents through music in 2021.