Early Years Training for your Team – Boost learning and development through music

Early Years Training with Boogie Mites


What if there was an activity that could grow and improve neural networks like no other activity?

What if that activity could be started from birth and the earlier it is started the better the effect?

What if this activity was fun, engaging and something that children enjoy being involved in?

GREAT NEWS – there is such an activity – active music making – involving listening and playing with rhythms, melodies, timbre, pitch, tempo, dynamics, patterns and sequencing of sounds and actions.

BAD NEWS – The Early Years Workforce generally lack training, knowledge, confidence and resources in using music to support development.

Boogie Mites have spent the last 15 years writing songs, compiling music programmes and developing training workshops that equip early years practitioners with the knowledge, confidence and resources to empower them to lead effective music making each and every day. Our programmes are easy for non-musicians to follow, our training enthuses practitioners, giving them the motivation to get started straight away. Our motto is: You Can Do It! But actually, You Must Do It because neuroscience studies provide evidence of the potential for regular music making in early years to reverse the cognitive issues relating to disadvantage – contributing to closing the school ready attainment gap – particularly for literacy and maths.

Music Making Strengthens Foundations For Literacy

In an article written by Boogie Mites Director Sue Newman, featured in Every Child Journal this month, we review the evidence from the latest neuroscience research which is revealing the power of early years music making to strengthen children’s auditory processing system and in turn strengthen foundations for literacy.

Music Making Benefits PSED, C&L, PD, KUW and EAD too!

Upskilling the Early Years workforce to lead effective music-making not only benefits children’s literacy and maths development but it supports development across the EYFS. What’s more, the social, physical and communication benefits are not only for the children but also the wider community. Music brings people together.

Parent Workshops and Intergenerational Music Making

At Boogie Mites, we witness the power of music to bring people together every day. We see that Early Years providers have a wonderful opportunity to support community cohesion through music – parent workshops and intergenerational sessions involve the community coming together with outcomes far beyond the child development benefits.

Watch Jane Dyke talk about the Boogie Mites training project that she commissioned for Yellow Dot Nursery Group, who then used Boogie Mites music as part of intergenerational music sessions, as well as daily practise in the nursery.

Get Started with A Boogie Mites 3 Hour Training Workshop!

Boogie Mites practitioner training is all that you need to get you started. In a 3-hour inset or Saturday training session for your team we cover:

• Neuroscience evidence
• EYFS Links
• Letters and Sounds Phase1 Links (Boogie Mites School Ready Literacy Programme)
• The 20+ songs in the music programme:

1. How to introduce them, adapt and progress them
2. Making the props and instruments
3. Small or large group and one to one provision
4. Implementation Plan

….and you will be up and running the very next day with a whole new repertoire of songs, musical activities, confidence and enthusiasm for the benefits. With good project management, you can embed the music provision and plan for sharing with parents and the wider community within just a few months of the training.

Hear What Your Peers Say About the Different Forms of Boogie Mites Training:
Inset Training:

Take a look at the results from pre and post-training evaluations completed by the 7 Saurus Nurseries in Brighton and Hove. We will be supporting them to deliver parent workshops in January 2019.

Cluster Training:

Read feedback from Northumberland Early Years Cluster training project.

EYPP Funded Training:

Read Paint Pots Nurseries evaluation of impact.
Hear Janine, manager at Angmering Nursery, talk about the training which took place through music workshops led by Boogie Mites Teacher, Bella.

Conference Training:

Tops Day Nursery Practitioners enjoy a Boogie Mites training workshop during their Annual Conference 2017.

Early Years Training with Boogie Mites

Train the Trainer:

The Co-op Nursery Group training project is explained by Babita Saroy, quality excellence manager of cooperative nurseries.
A New Years Gift For Your Team

We’d like to suggest Boogie Mites team traning as a New Years gift to your staff. It also works as a great bonding session – you can’t beat singing together for an effective team building experience! (Standard Price £550 weekday / £650 Saturday, plus travel, plus VAT).

Online Training:

You can now get online training for your team, a service we have perfected throughout lockdown. Find out more and click the email address at the bottom to make an enquiry.

Please fill out our Training Enquiry Form if you’d like to make a request.
Email sue@boogiemites.co.uk or call Sue on 023 92 817274 if you have any questions.

Make it a magical musical 2019 for the children in your care, their parents, grandparents and most importantly for your team!