Saurus Nursery Group School Ready Training Case Study

Early Years CPD

The Saurus Nursery Group has 8 settings in the Brighton area. Within these settings, their child-centred approach promotes the development of creativity, individuality and self-confidence. Boogie Mites offered Early Years CPD through training workshops to their practitioners who, in turn, introduced the music to their parents through parent evenings. 

Inset Training and Boogie Mites visits Autumn 2018 

Boogie Mites trained practitioners from all nurseries covering the Boogie Mites School Ready Literacy Programme at two Early Years CPD training workshops held in early September 2018. Staff attending were really-enthusiastic about the new music from the start.  

Then, during October, Boogie Mites Tutors visited each nursery to deliver a session with the children after having spoken to the nursery manager to determine which songs/aspects should be covered to support staff’s refresher training most effectively. 

Evaluation of the impact – Training and Resources 

In November, each Nursery was asked to feedback on the impact. Results from a before and after evaluation were very positive. There was a significant increase in the number of practitioners who agreed or strongly agreed with the following questions after the training compared with before: 

  • My music practise includes use of active movement and percussion instruments 
  • I follow a music programme that progresses music making skills such as rhythmic and melodic awareness 
  • I support or lead a group music session several times a week – included in planning 
  • I am aware of how music making supports development in each of the areas of EYFS and use this in observing children’s development  
  • I understand how regular singing and music making practise can support foundations for literacy development (e.g. links to letters and sounds phase 1 strategy and development of auditory skills) 
  • I have observed children in my care making significant progress in one or more areas of the EYFS, through music 
  • I have resources for supporting learning through music for children in my care 

You can read the full write up of their feedback on our website. 

Here are some comments that were made by Nursery Managers: 

“Since doing the Boogie Mites course we have implemented it into our physical time twice a day and into our circle times. The children have really benefitted from it and we have found they have wanted to participate more and have been very engaged. The children have been telling their parents at pick up and talking to them about it at home”  

 “I have particularly noticed how the children link song to role play, recreating the experiences we have led previously. Language: this has been extended for the majority of the children. Their confidence has grown in speaking in large groups (e.g. bean bag hello) Thank you for providing an inspiring training programme. The children thoroughly enjoy our Boogie Mites sessions.” 

“I have noticed a huge development in the children’s listening and attention. Overall since we have started doing Boogie Mites, the children show more of an interest in singing and movement. The songs have helped the children in many areas especially with speech and confidence. The shyer children have enjoyed learning and working on the songs as a group and find it easier to stand up and dance with other children. I feel like every child at the setting is benefitting from the Boogie Mites sessions and overall is helping every child progress in a range of different areas in the EYFS.” 

“The progress I have seen is particularly in their phonetic abilities. The children are much better at blending now. I believe this is, in particular, thanks to Jack the robot and Jack and Jill went walking. This is in about 60% of the children, mainly the children who will be attending school from September 2019.” 

Parent Involvement 

In February 2019, parent education evenings were held at each nursery. The Nursery invited parents to attend the evening without their children to learn about the children’s art and music activities whilst encouraging parent involvement at home. Refreshments were offered and staff chatted with parents as they showed them the children’s artwork and looked around the nursery at the wonderful displays of children’s creations.  

Then a Boogie Mites trainer led a 45-minute presentation which informed parents about the new music programme, delivered via Early Years CPD, that the children were enjoying; how it supported the development of strong foundations for literacy and how they could practise at home. Parents joined in with several songs to experience the fun of taking part and they fed off the enthusiasm of the staff who were all enjoying an evening of Boogie Mites – even though they had probably been singing all day!  

Parents went home with new information about the important part music can play in supporting development feeling motivated to practise at home. Feedback from parents was overwhelmingly positive. 

 Ofsted Visit 

During February the Tinysaurus Nursery was inspected by Ofsted and achieved an outstanding grade. A write up about the Ofsted report in the local paper, The Argus, commented on staff enthusiasm for the benefits of the new Boogie Mites music programme. A video of the Boogie Mites project was made at Tinysaurus to show at their parents evening: 

Nursery Group Manager Rikke reflects on the Boogie Mites project:

I’ve been so impressed with the way you train and support the staff and the enthusiasm that is contagious. We are looking forward to a longterm relationship with Boogie Mites and to learn many more new songs. 

For enquiries about Early Years CPD (Practitioner Training and/or parent involvement), contact Sue Newman, Boogie Mites Director, on 023 92 817274 or email her