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Supplying EAL (English as an Additional Language) Music Resources to our International Partners

We’ve really enjoyed meeting educational organisations based internationally to supply resources for EAL over the years. As we discussed in our last blog, Music to Support English as a Second Language (ESL), our methods have inspired early years teaching worldwideIn some cases, we’ve been fortunate enough to develop partnerships with international organisations, which have led to making Boogie Mites available to families on a wider scale internationally 


One of these organisations is NutSpace; run by husband and wife Mukul and Rohini. Based in Kanpur, India, NutSpace runs a Family Centre which supports schools in the region. Their original activities are based around stories they’ve created themselves and since discovering us on YouTubethey have incorporated Boogie Mites into their programme. They have recently opened a franchise Centre in Bangalore and plan to support the launch of further such franchises across India. 

Nutspace introduced Boogie Mites School Ready Programme to parents and children in their family Centres in 2017, and more recently, they’ve taken up Boogie Mites Annual Themed Workshop and Minis Programmes which they now offer as weekly sessions for parents and children at the Centre. Rohini is very enthusiastic about the Boogie Mites resources: 

we’ve been using Boogie Mites in our musical engagement. The music is absolutely amazing. It has a wonderful beat, it has a wonderful rhythm and the lyrics are amazing. They are wonderful when it comes to early language and communication skill development, vocabulary and so much more. The music works wonderfully well when it comes to parent child bonding. As advised by Boogie Mites, we’ve created some amazing props to go with the music like drums and shakers. Our classes become so lively because of the music that we play! We absolutely love Boogie Mites!” 

NutSpace are also supporting schools by offering teacher training. We have recently recorded some songs in Hindi for the Non-English speaking teachers who wish to take part in the music magic!  

Next month, they plan to start promoting Boogie Mites at Home, an online programme developed specifically for parents – this will be promoted via social media channels and made available to families all over India!


More recently, Muminbu has set up bilingual sensory music classes for babies and toddlers in Paris which include Boogie Mites Minis and Annual Themed Songs. Founder Halima Lar, commented: 

At Muminbu, we love to introduce the original Boogie Mites songs and we love them. Boogies Mites original songs are very well thought and wonderful for the children. The rhythm, the catchy melodies and the lyrics are perfect to introduce music to young children.  The songs offer a very wide choice of activities to support motor skills development for the youngest. Moreover, for nonnative English speakers, each song is a great opportunity to learn and improve English vocabulary as the songs are very visual. We love using Boogie Mites material as the programs are backed by research studies and years of experience which is really important for early years settings 

200 Million Minute Support 

NutSpace and Muminbu have decided to support Boogie Mites’ promotion of the Achievement for All’s Reading Challenge – 200 Million Minutes. This year, it’s a global campaign which aims to get as many young people as possible engaged in reading over the month of March. You can find out more about the event on our recent blog post. 

We are also delighted that Les Petits Chaperons Rouges nurseries are also being encouraged to sign up and take part in the 200 Million Minutes reading challenge having heard all about it from our UK customer Kiddi Caru. It is wonderful to use the universal language of music to support such a worthy cause which encourages children all over the world to develop a love of reading from an early age. 

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We are also currently fund-raising for another International partnership, The Char Char Trust in Malawi, where we plan to travel this Summer and train teachers to incorporate Boogie Mites into early literacy. You can read about the project and find out how to donate on our Go Fund Me Page.

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