Boogie Mites Music Programmes Supporting Special Needs Children

special needs children
Why Music?

The cross-curricular benefits of music and movement in the early years are well recognised:

Communication and Language – music encourages children to listen attentively, follow instructions and express themselves.

Physical Development – music encourages children to move confidently in a range of ways, developing fine motor skills through the use of instruments and gross motor skills through dance and sequencing of actions

Personal, Social and Emotional Development – music can influence mood, acting as a calming or energising influence. Music group sessions help children to develop group skills such as taking turns and confidence.

Music can also support the specific areas of early years learning; developing literacy, maths, understanding of the world and expressive arts skills. The Early Years learning goals are the foundations for all learning and remain relevant for special needs children with delayed development throughout Primary and Secondary School.

Music and movement activities have huge benefits for all children, whatever rate they develop. But music also has added benefits that make it an effective learning activity for children with various development difficulties.


It is the diversity of the experience that makes music such an effective activity for children with varying disabilities. Whether they have impaired sight, hearing, physical skills or other learning difficulties, the multi-sensory impact can appeal to all. Mimicking, or watching, and listening to a leader, gripping an instrument, or having someone tap two sticks together through another’s hands (causing vibrations) are all effective ways to make this practise effective and enjoyable.

We have been focussing on the effectiveness of sensory processing on our blog lately. Pauline, our BM licensee who specialises in SEN sessions, has identified how it helps build confidence, develops social skills and enables children to express themselves, which is particularly important if a young person is non-verbal. You can read the rest of her blog post here, which also includes a video taken at a BM SEN session in action.

special needs children

Instruments and props encourage coordination and develop these motor skills. But these ‘instruments’ don’t have to be physical objects. You can use your body: tapping your belly, clapping your hands, or slapping the floor, body percussion works fine! Just make sure everybody feels the beat. Remember to be enthusiastic, energetic and use exaggerated expressions to receive the maximum response.

Boogie Mites Music Programmes have been developed over many years, taking into account the neuroscience evidence and our experience of what works in practise. We have compiled a programme specifically for use with special needs children called Boogie Mites Sticks and Sounds Programme.

Boogie Mites Sticks and Sounds Programme

There are two versions of the Boogie Mites Sticks and Sounds Programme. One for under 5’s and one for over 5’s, in a primary or secondary school, or at home. There is overlap with the two programmes, but the main difference is that the under 5’s includes songs of a younger theme. The programme is suitable for all young children of any ability, but the notes have been specifically written for children with additional needs and some of the songs have been simplified and slowed down.

The programme aims to:

  • provide a fun musical resource packed with original catchy songs & activities to inspire and engage
  • upskill early years practitioners and parents, giving them the confidence and ideas to contribute to a rich and varied music provision
  • offer ideas for adapting the musical activities in order to support the development of children with different abilities and needs
  • encourage parental involvement by offering a resource that is accessible for families to enjoy, sing and move to at home!
What’s included?

Under 5’s

  • CD of 21 songs
  • Activity notes giving ideas for leading songs and inspiration for extending them further.
  • Links to EYFS areas of development
  • Practitioner pack downloadable version £39.96, physical pack £49.95. (+VAT)


Over 5’s

  • CD of 19 action songs
  • Activity notes giving learning objectives, tips for leading the songs and extending them
  • CD of 13 routine songs to support the transition between activities
  • Practitioner pack downloadable version £39.96, physical pack £49.95. (+VAT)

Boogie Mites Sticks and Sounds Programme

For enquiries, contact Sue Newman, Boogie Mites Director, on 023 92 817274 or email her