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200 Million Minutes - Early Years Literacy and Music


At Boogie Mites, it has been our long-standing mission to use the power of music to help close the school ready attainment gap. We aim to support literacy for children from disadvantaged circumstances and this intention is shared by the charity Achievement For All (AFA) and their mission to ensure ‘no child is left behind’. 

Developing strong foundations for literacy in early years is key to accessing learning throughout school (from 5- 18), hence, it is key to closing the attainment gap. Boogie Mites programmes support under 5’s, including children with SEN, throughout school by aiding the development of literacy foundations through music. 

100 Million Minute Challenge in 2018…

We loved taking part in Achievement for All (AFA)’s 100 Million Minute event in March last year. Our Portsmouth Boogie Mites Business Manager, Nicole, hosted an event at a local community centre which was attended by AFA’s mascot.  

The 200 Million Minute Challenge…

This year, AFA has set a new goal; they will be aiming to reach 200 Million Minutes, and again, we have the pleasure of helping them reach this objective! We will be encouraging early years settings and families to register and take part in the reading challenge with their children throughout the month of March. This time it’s a global campaign – so we will be trying to spread the word, not only with the nurseries we work with in the UK, but to other schools and early years groups that we work with Internationally

In order to help support AFA’s event, we are offering It’s a Frog’s life and Let’s Tap a Word; two original Boogie Mites songs, for free! When you sign up for the challenge on the AFA website, you will be emailed access to these two MP3 downloads and supporting resources.  

Boogie Mites’ Supporting Resources

The first, It’s a Frog’s Lifecan be led as an activity linking to any Froggy story – our favourite is The Big Wide-Mouthed Frog by Ana Larrañaga. Do you have a favourite? 

The Second, Let’s Tap a Wordcan be linked to any book that you read together. The children pick out four words from the story and tap out the rhythms (syllables) with their junk percussion or tapping sticks. 

Feeding Their Creativity and Learning… 
  • It’s a Frog’s life uses creativity and imagination to entice involvement from the children – getting them to role-play the frog’s life – ask questions like: ‘how can we sit like a frog?’, ‘what noise does a frog make?’ ‘what food do they eat?’…..  
  • Extension activities can include craft, using fine motor skills to create frog masks from paper plates, and gross motor skills to leap around like a frog from lily pad to lily pad 
  • Let’s Tap a Word encourages children to remember words from a story, choosing some to tap out in the song. Developing children’s auditory discrimination skills as they practise breaking words into ‘big chunks’ (syllables). 
  • Extension activities include follow-the-leader body percussion routines that clap or stamp out the syllables of words or reading stories together and assigning actions for certain words – such as gruffalo (stamp feet 3 times as you say Gruf- a- lo) every time this word is heard as the story is read. 

All of the above activities build concentration and attention skills through the power of music and sound games, playing with stories and words in this way will make reading together a really enjoyable activity for all involved, while strengthening the children’s literacy foundations and love of reading ready for school. 

Boogie Mites Director, Sue Newman, explains why you should sign up today and get involved in this global challenge:  

This campaign invites all educational settings, parents and community groups to take part! Please keep an eye on AFA’s social media channels for updates and on our Licensee pages if you’d like to find out if there’s an event near you. 

 Sign up to Register Your Reading Minutes

For enquiries, contact Sue Newman, Boogie Mites Director, on 023 92 817274 or email her