200 Million Minutes – The Ultimate Reading Challenge 2020

2020 Reading Challenge - AFA


At Boogie Mites, our goal of ‘closing the gap’ in early years attainment through music practise has always been at the forefront of the work we do. We are therefore happy to work with the Achievement for All (AFA) organisation on our shared goals and announce our support (once again) for their annual reading challenge.

Whether you’re an EY’s teacher, parent, grand parent, librarian, carer, or support worker, join the community and get involved in the reading challenge this year!

Achievement for All

AFA is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to improve outcomes for young people by working in partnership with early years settings, schools and colleges.

We have been working with AFA for several years now. You may have seen our blog post last month, which reviewed Sonia Blandford’s latest book ‘Social Mobility: Chance or Choice‘, in which she states:

We all know early years education is crucial in supporting the healthy development of every child at one of the most sensitive times of their life: the disadvantage gap starts here and so should the work needed to close the gap. This is a crucial time to identify children with additional needs to ensure they get the support they need to thrive in school.

100 Million Minutes to 200 Million Minutes

And that is why we are asking each and every one of you to take part in their annual reading challenge this year. For the last two years we have encouraged all of the EY organisations we work with to register their reading minutes for the month. Check out our blog if you’d like to find out about the challenge in 2018 and 2019.

100 Million mins - Reading Challenge


200 Million Mins - Reading Challenge


Last year, there were prizes for the best results, which were won by an LEYF Nursery and Kiddi Caru Whiteley. Could this be you in 2020? This year’s prizes are to be announced. Check back to find out what you could win.


This year, it’s taking place between the World Book Day (the 5th March) and Children’s Book Day (2nd April):

During which time we are calling on schools, settings, families, libraries, community groups, businesses and organisations from across the world to come together to help us achieve this never-before-reached target!

AFA 200 Million Minutes

Join this global community and help ‘close the gap’ by raising awareness of the importance of reading and music in early years. Register your month’s reading minutes…

Sign up to register your reading minutes

And if that wasn’t incentive enough…

This year, we will be offering original resources to support you when taking part in the reading challenge.  We’re offering a Boogie Mites favourite – D’yathinkhesaurus when you sign up as an EY setting in the organisation type section.

How many little ones who you live with, or work with, love Dinosaurs?Whether they’re impressing us by remembering all those long names, or showing off that artistic creativity with a drawing of their favourite herbivore, Dinosaurs are a great theme to explore through the day.

Our song, D’yathinkhesaurus tells the story of someone ‘in the primeval swamp’ walking around and playing peek-a-boo with a dinosaur – Do you think he saw us?!

You can sing this song along with any of your favourite Dinosaur books. Our favourites at Boogie Mites are Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs and Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp.

What will you get?
  • Online access to the song in action in a nursery setting
  • Instructor video showcasing the most effective way to lead the song (clip below)
  • Teacher notes which introduce the song and offer supporting craft activities
  • Teaching tips for leading with a group
  • Online MP3 of the song 
  • Lyrics for the song
D’yathinkhesaurus video resource

D’yathinkhesaurus in a nursery setting

You will also be given access to Let’s Tap a Word, a Boogie Mites classic. Featuring on our School Ready Literacy Programme, this song develops children syllabic awareness and can be adapted to any theme of your choice. Use it with any one of your favourite stories. 

Join the community and sign up now so that you can register your reading minutes between 5th March – 2nd April. Once you have signed up, we will email you with access to your resources. Keep an eye out for us in your inbox! 

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For enquiries, contact Sue Newman, Boogie Mites Director, on 023 9281 7274, or email her: sue@boogiemites.co.uk