12-Months of Early Years Music & Teaching Resources

12 Months of Early Years Music and Teaching Resources


  • What is the ATS song collection? Explore the world through early years music…
  • New instructor videos to support practitioner confidence for creative music provision
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In September 2017, we launched our Annual Themed Song collection. Aimed at 2-5 years-olds, these resources include a downloadable package of one new song and supporting resources – for each month; keeping your repertoire fresh and exciting throughout the year.

Why not try February for free? And once you have, we’ll send you a discount code to get the rest of the collection at 10% off! (£69.30 + VAT)

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With 12 different themes explored, you can link the songs to stories, craft activities and role play around a chosen theme every 4-weeks. This will extend your early years music provision by offering additional opportunities for children to benefit from the brain-boosting impact of regular music making. But not only this – it also engages, enthuses and uplifts both the children and practitioners taking part – in the magic way that only music can.

Read Feedback from a Nursery Manager

Nursery practitioners find the instructor video a big help while they are learning the song. Happysaurus Nursery in Brighton have enjoyed the February ATS song Dyathinkhesaurus with the children

“The children really enjoyed the upbeat rhythm of the song. They especially liked the chorus. The children created their own moves for the song, stomping their feet as they go and introducing sticks”

Dannielle Theoret, Happysaurus Nursery

Read Feedback From a Childminder

“We love using the Annual Themed Song Collection resource in our setting. Today we were out in the garden with our scarves, and enjoyed “How Do We Know That The Wind Blows”. This song has a lovely gentle tempo and is easy to learn. The children were engaged and listened all the way through, and they particularly loved the part about kites. It’s great to be able to extend our repertoire and to link song resources to the seasons.”

Danielle Gilkes, Toodles Tots Childminding, Portsmouth

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Having trialled the product with early subscribers, we are now launching the song collection on a wider scale, with an offer of the first category for free, as well as 10% off if you then order the entire collection in one block purchase.

The Categories on the Annual Themed Song Collection…
  • February: Dinosaurs
  • March: The Woods
  • April: The Wind
  • May: Cycle of Life
  • June: Fast and Fun
  • July: Fairy Tales
  • August: Australia
  • September: Slow and Controlled
  • October: Autumn
  • November: Fireworks
  • December: Christmas
  • January: Loud and Soft

Each music package includes the song, Instructor video and teacher notes linking the activity to the EYFS = all of your planning is done for you!

The Instructor videos support practitioner confidence for creative music provision. They can be used as a training tool before delivering with a group of children, or, where screens are available, they can be played directly to the group. This can enable the practitioner team to take part as the children do; gaining confidence to lead while learning together and observing the children’s responses.

Tinysaurus, an early years setting in Brighton, enjoy D’yathinkhesaurus earlier this month:

Feeding Their Creativity…

D’yathinkhesaurus uses imagination and role-play to act out a game of hide-and-seek with the Dinosaurs! Some ideas for leading activities from this song…

  • Use picture books, drawings and plastic toys to name different characteristics and compare parts of their bodies to our own.
  • Play your own D’yathinkhesaurus hide-and-seek in an outdoor space; making one child the dinosaur hunter while the others go and hide, or, everyone is the Dinosaur hunter after looking for plastic toys.
  • Wind down with a craft activity – creating Dinosaur footprints/ Jungle scenes using leaves from the garden.

Fill out the web form below if you’d like to get your free song, instructor video and teacher notes:

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Do you use a CD player in your setting?

If you don’t have access to the internet in your classroom or a device on which to download your MP3s, for an extra £10, you can add a CD to your purchase.

Once you’ve received this category, we’ll send you a message with your code to get 10% off the whole collection – Happy Boogy-ing!

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