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As a childminder or parent, finding fun and stimulating ways to entertain a child in early years can be difficult. At Boogie Mites, we find that planning activities for toddlers around a theme can be a fun learning experience for all of those involved. Our themed songs can contribute a musical element and extend activities into further themes; requiring only props that you can find around the home. These themes can support their development of knowledge and understanding of the world.

For example, Boogie Mites song How Do We Know That The Wind Blows. The song alone is a 3-minute activity. But the wind is a fascinating topic that can be explored all day long through various activities for toddlers, both inside and out of the home!

Boogie Mites’ tips for extending the song with themed activities for toddlers
  • Choose a windy day and go for a listening-walk. Identify the sound that the wind makes in the leaves and observe how your hair blows.
  • If it is autumn you can play catching leaves as they fall in the wind.
  • Put up a washing line in the garden and do some washing of teddies and fabrics. Hang them out to dry on the line and check later to see if the wind has dried them.
  • Make a flag using fabric which can be attached to a stick and put the flag outside to check which direction the wind is blowing. With older children, you can use a compass to check the direction of the wind.
  • Read a story about a windy day such as Pooh Bears Rather Blustery Day (Happy Winds Day Piglet!). See YouTube video of the story here.
  • Look at a picture of a windmill/ wind turbines and see if you can get hold of or make something similar. Baker Ross provides kits –here is an example.

Planning activities for toddlers around a theme

Childminder Feedback

Childminder Danielle enjoyed a windy-weather themed day in April with her children in Portsmouth. She gave us this feedback:

“Today we had children aged from 18 months to three years old. We had a go at the April song ‘That’s How We Know That The Wind Blows’. We were out in the garden and had our scarves, which was great. I played the video on my laptop, but very quickly we had all picked up the words to the song, which has a lovely gentle tempo and is easy to learn. The children enjoyed the kite part. They were all engaged and listening all the way through. We will definitely continue to use the resource in our setting. It’s great to be able to extend our repertoire and to link into the seasons.”

Boogie Mites original themed songs cover subjects that inspire their curiosity and excite their imagination.

Topics include:
  • Dinosaurs
  • Pirates
  • Farm Animals
  • Jungles
  • Minibeasts
  • Life under the sea
  • Fairy-tales
  • Around the world

And more!

Learning through song has been proven to have a significant impact on memory.

You will still remember the songs you were taught as a child, though not many of the conversations! As an added bonus – by including music making in daily activities for toddlers, they will be improving their rhythmic and melodic awareness, which supports strong literacy and communication skills.

Boogie Mites Annual Themed Song programme delivers a new track, instructor video, and notes to your inbox, each month, for 12 months! How Do We Know That The Wind Blows is the song for April, which incorporates chiffon dance scarves (or any fabric you can find around your house). Munch Munch Munch, the song for May, links to a mini beast hunt and the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. You can find out more about the Annual Themed Song Collection on our website.

You can download May’s song resources for free here.

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