Music and maths activities supporting early years development

Music and Maths Activities

In our last blog, we discussed the importance of maths in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), and how using music to introduce and engage children in the subject can boost early foundations for mathematical thinking. Here at Boogie Mites, our music and maths activities support this through children’s exploration of pattern in sound and movement.

The first step towards doing this is developing our own confidence to sing and dance alongside children. Our packs are beginner friendly and easy to use. You don’t need to have a qualification in music or dance to teach successfully!

The second step is knowing how to find mathematics in music, valuing sound and movement patterns, and understanding their relevance to maths learning and development.

Practical Music and Maths Activites for you to try

Here are 2 activities to get started with:

Developing sequencing skills and keeping the beat:

Simply introducing music with a steady beat, and incorporating, for example:

Two claps, two knee taps, two stamps, two clicks

Involves body percussion, and teaches children to keep the beat, in turn, developing their sequencing skills. At first say the words that represent the action eg. clap, clap, tap, tap, stamp, stamp, click. click. Then try counting while doing this sequence of actions. Then try singing a nursery rhyme while doing this sequence of actions. Next time, change the sequence of actions and practise with the same progression and a different rhyme.

Developing positional language and pitch awareness:

Try the High, Low, Middle activity to develop visual concepts and positional language.  Stand on toes and stretch high and sing High with a high pitched voice, then bend down and touch the floor and sing low with a low voice, then stand normally with hands at hip height and sing middle with pitch inbetween the high and low notes. Then to the tune of Hot Cross Buns – sing with pitch and actions to match the words–

High, low, middle,

High, low, middle

Stretch up high

And bend down low

High, low, middle

Boogie Mites Maths Programme

The songs from the Boogie Mites music and maths activities can be linked to EYFS Development Matters in the following ways:

  • Reciting number names in sequence (Octavia, Little Ducky, I Love My Toes, Bo Peep).
  • Counting reliably up to 10 with everyday objects (I Love My Toes, Bo Peep)
  • Make comparisons between quantities – ‘more’, ‘less’, ‘all gone’ (Little Ducky)
  • Show an interest representing numbers – using fingers (Five Little Fish, Swim Me Hearties, Little Ducky)
  • Realise not only objects, but anything can be counted. For example steps, claps (Number 5 Jive)
Shape, Space and Measures
  • Use language such as ‘greater’, ‘smaller’, ‘tall’, ‘long’ and ordering two items by length or height (Noah’s ark)
  • Talk about, recognise and recreate simple patterns (I can hear an Echo)
  • Use language such as ‘circle’ or ‘sphere to describe shapes and solids, show awareness of similarities of shapes in the environment (It’s Summer Time)
  • Use everyday words to describe position for example, ‘under’, ‘over’, ‘in front’ (Tap, Tap, Tap)

The Boogie Mites Maths Programme is now available as a fully downloadable product with 10% off for purchases in the launch month February 2018! Apply promo code MATHS10% to your online order.

Customer Feedback

These comments demonstrate how easy it is to implement these programmes and introduce maths through music in early years. You do not have to be a musician. With evidence of the added benefits for: language, communication, cognitive function, concentration, inclusion and confidence what could go wrong? Explore our EYFS maths resources here today!

Don’t just take our word for it! Here are some comments from our customers:

Training in Sheffield

Anna Martin, Coumes Spring Children’s Centre commented: “Very informative course, [which has] given me more of an understanding of EYFS maths links. Will give us more confidence to deliver music in our nursery setting in fun ways”

And Rebecca Jones, Hillsborough College Nursery added:“Very welcoming lead trainer, active and enjoyable. Understood how maths can be incorporated in a fun and exciting way”

Training in Dulwich

Kimberly Ferguson, Aardvark Children’s Centre: “Great. Learnt much, looking forwards to teaching these songs in our sessions. Gave me the confidence to deliver the maths music programme.”

Training in Winchester

Fiona Pease, Aviary Nursery, Eastleigh said: “A fun refreshing way to further the children’s development in maths through music and movement. I am sure this will give us lots of laughs and lots of confidence.”

Training in Waterlooville

Joanne Garten, Jigsaw Nursery: “Very valuable training, songs are catchy and enjoyable, which will make it so much more fun for the children. Very good trainer.”

Purchasing a DVD on our website…

“We have used Boogie Mites School Ready Literacy and Maths Programmes at Crocodoodle Creative Pre-School for the last few years and absolutely love the catchy songs, the involvement from the children and most importantly, the excellent skills the children are practising and developing while singing, dancing and music making – in a fun, holistic and inclusive way. Personally, I have found the training videos and suggestions really useful as I am no music expert! However, as I have become more familiar with the programme, some of our activities and routines have been adapted to fit our environment and particular cohorts of children. We have used most of the songs in the boogie mites programmes without having to separate age groups/abilities as every child benefits from the experience in their own way and at their own level. I am delighted that the programmes are now available as downloads making the programme more accessible and even more useful – we will definitely be taking Boogie mites outside now to utilise more space, more fresh air and more freedom to involve music (both inside and out) in more ways across our curriculum. Thank you so much Boogie Mites for making music a more accessible tool to promote learning and development in a really exciting, fun way!”

Many thanks, Maria, Crocodoodle, Pre-school, St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School, West Sussex.


Don’t forget to tell your parents: National Numeracy recommends Boogie Mites’ music and maths activities as part of their Family Tool Kit for early years maths support.

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