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Healthy Lifestyle with Healthy Living

At Boogie Mites, our Healthy Living Programme can be linked to activities that inspire children in early years to discover the world and themselves. Whether in the garden picking fruits and vegetables for dinner, or brushing their teeth, these original songs support learning through the power of music, and use movement to engage children. They can explore the aspects of Healthy Living whilst exercising in fun, imaginative, social scenarios.

Our last blog post summarised the speakers from Munch ‘n’ Move, the Healthy Living conference in London which took place earlier this month. Some startling statistics raised questions of current guidelines and offered the need for physicality to be more central to the early years curriculum. Holistic play was a methodology mentioned for achieving these healthy living goals – allowing children to explore and discover freely. It holds ‘the premise that each person finds identity, meaning and purpose in life through connections to the natural world.’

 The Healthy Living Programme

There are nineteen fun and easy to learn songs on the Boogie Mites Healthy Living Programme, covering five categories; Healthy Eating, Exercise, Oral Health, Recycling and Nature & Outdoor life. There should always be a chance for discussion before beginning any Boogie Mites song. In this article we give an example of a song from each category with suggestions for discussion.

Healthy Eating

Look at the Rainbow

This song allows the exploration of fruit and vegetables – shapes, sizes, textures, tastes and smells providing a wide scope of fruit and veg themed activities! Children may sit in a circle talking about different foods, and perhaps discuss what they had for tea the night before.


I Feel Alive

This song is all about educating the mind about the body. Focus on the lyrics “There is nothing in this world that I can’t do… Because I am fit and healthy and happy too…” to introduce the topic of growing up and different jobs people do. Look at how people need to be fit and healthy to do jobs they love i.e. explorers, astronauts, policemen/women, firemen/women, drummers, dancers, football players, builders, doctors.

Oral Health

Happy Smile

Open a discussion about hygiene, making children aware of the importance of their everyday routine. Get all the children to pick up their “imaginary” toothbrushes and brush along as they listen to the song. It is a simple and catchy song and they will pick up the song very quickly…”I brush my teeth for a happy smile….” Read stories about visits to the dentist, such as popular TV character books like Peppa Pig or popular fictional characters like Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs.


Do Re Mi 

Consider the rubbish that is produced in day to day life or following a picnic – talk about the importance of recycling to look after the environment. Bring out an item at a time from a recycling bag and consider how it can be used in play or making music. Create awareness of impact: Sing or say the chorus ‘Don’t throw away your rubbish, let’s all see what noise it makes, can you bang or shake it? Let’s hear it for a cleaner world.’

Nature and Outdoor Life

Munch Munch Munch

Teach them about other forms of life. Sing the Munch, Munch, Munch rhyme several times then use a magic wand to turn all the children into cocoons “Mother Nature weaves a spell, a special kind of magic”. Help them wrap up in a scarf. Then the butterflies appear and fly around the room with scarves trailing as wings. Flitter flutter flitter flutter…

You can try the Munch, Munch Munch song for free.
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