EY Teachers Supporting Community Cohesion Through Music

Community Cohesion through Music


  • How can we strengthen community cohesion through music?
  • Why Music?
  • How does Boogie Mites support community cohesion?

Wherever in the world, and for whatever reason you engage in it, music brings people together.

At Boogie Mites, we see that Early Years providers have a wonderful opportunity to support community cohesion through music. And freelance early years music teachers can support parents and providers to fulfill this role.

There is a Gap in Music Knowledge, Confidence and Resources Generally Across the Early Years Workforce.

Most Early Childhood programmes of study do not specifically cover working musically with young children. Additional music training opportunities can be perceived as difficult to access or too costly & time-consuming to implement for settings.  In addition, music in early childhood is not included in the current National Plan for Music Education, and music hubs only work with children and young people aged 5-18. This means little funding leaves a huge gap in potential – not only for supporting children’s development but also for supporting wider community goals.

At Boogie Mites we really value the part that our practitioner training, parent education and intergenerational groups play in supporting community aims.

Freelance Early Years Music Teachers Can Really Make a Difference…

By using tried-and-tested music programmes with early years settings and parents on a regular basis, freelance music teachers are able to influence how the value of music-making in early childhood is perceived, and extend that value beyond the classroom…

“Indeed,” Olivia McLennan has said, “this is what attracted me, a freelance community musician, to Boogie Mites…” Liv appreciated the focus on “sharing knowledge, resources and confidence” with all involved in early (and also elderly) care. In fact, in recent months, Liv has dedicated her academic study to the benefits of intergenerational music making – a report on which will be released over the coming month.

Community Cohesion through Music

By upskilling and equipping the early years workforce to deliver daily creative music making opportunities we not only support the development of the children in their care but we also empower them to impact community cohesion through music. Through parents, grandparents, local events and partnerships, the Early Years sector have the opportunity to share the fun, uplifting experience of shared music making and it’s benefits for children’s development, community cohesion and communication.

The benefits of music in the community are hard to deny. And these shared experiences are incredibly rewarding for the children, adults and teachers taking part. The wider community may actually be the place that early years music sits most readily…

Often, lasting friendships are made through attending these groups, and feedback from parents suggests they value the opportunity to connect with their babies and other parents through music.

Community Cohesion through Music

The Evidence

In ‘An Evaluation of the Boogie Mites Early Years Music Education Programmes in respect of Parents and Practitioners’ Our parent study evaluated outcomes for parents attending Council-funded parent education courses for targeted families in disadvantaged areas. It found not only developments in their own confidence, knowledge and home practise, sharing with wider family, but also that parents perceived developments in their children as a direct result of participation in the programme.

These results are a consequence of not only the programme, but the way in which the music was enjoyed – as a community – together. Social interactions were improved through the music and movement sessions, in a relaxed inclusive setting, one in which everyone could thrive. Sharing this togetherness is the catalyst for social skills. Their confidence, speech and interactions are all improved as a result of this shared adventure!

Studies on music have found that participating in its practise ‘could revolutionise dementia care.’[1] it can ‘improve self-esteem and encourage memory recall, give a chance to reminisce, aid relaxation and reduce loneliness, anger and sadness. ’ Indeed, Nicole Heard who runs Boogie Mites intergenerational music sessions in Care Homes and Day Centres across Portsmouth, has witnessed these benefits first hand.

Boogie Mites have designed, tried and tested a range of music programmes, gaining excellent feedback. Now we’re sharing the opportunity to get involved in this crucial stage of development… We need to recruit motivated individuals who are passionate about the benefits of music in early development and the about the part they can play in supporting local community through running a Boogie Mites music and movement business in their area… Could this be you?

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